General Questions

What is a Covid-19 PCR test?

COVID-19 PCR Testing is now an official requirement for international travel. PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction, which allows to amplify a smaller sample size to a large enough copy to be analysed efficiently. It utilises a sample taken form the back of your throat and nasal cavity with a swab.

When will I get my results?

We aim to deliver your results and certificate (if applicable) withing 24 hours of receipt of samples at our partnered lab.

Where will the PCR test take place?

The testing kits are sent to your home address, so you can use the self-swabbing kit in the comfort of your own home. Please watch the video created by the Department of Health and Social care for more information on how to take the test at home.

Do I need to register my test kit?

Yes, once you receive your Covid-19 PCR test sample collection kit, and you are ready to collect your samples, you must register your test online. Failure to register your kit will mean that you will not receive you results.

How do I register my test kit?

The Day 2 test kit have a separate Unique Reference Number (URN) and PIN code combinaison to be used for registering. Please remember to keep a note of your URN and PIN code as it will be needed to obtain your results. You will need to enter details such as your URN, PIN code, booking reference, name, email, DOB, phone number, address, travel details, passport number, date & time sample collected.

How do I buy my testing kit?

You can buy it here on our website

Why do I need to buy return testing kit only 1 by 1?

It is mandatory that you order the testing kit for Green and Amber returns separatly for each member of your family, in order to receive different Unique Reference Numbers (URN). You can however bundle your return kit purchase with a Fit to Fly or Test to Release kit.

Can I buy multiple Fit to Fly or Test to Release kits then?

Yes, you can buy as many Fit To Fly or Test to Release testing kits as you wish in one single order.

Where can I find my booking reference number?

Your booking reference number will be shown in a confirmation email which is sent after you have made your purchase. You will need to input this number into your Passenger Locator Form. For more information please visit the UK Government website (see https://www.gov.uk/provide-journey-contact-details-before-travel-uk).

What happens if I provide incorrect information or don’t quarantine?

You can receive substantial fines. Please check the government website for further information.

Can I return unused test kits and get a refund?

Even if unused, the test kits cannot be returned, for safety reasons. They can be kept until the expiry date to be used later on. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

How will I send back my sample to the lab?

We provide pre-paid return labels to use with Royal Mail priority Postboxes. You can find the nearest available to you on: https://www.royalmail.com/services-near-you#/

Departing from the UK

What is a Fit to Fly test?

The fit to fly Certificate is a letter of approval from an Accredited Healthcare Organisation, which is now a requirement prior to travel for the majority of airlines and destinations. Typically, you will be required to show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result 72 hours prior to the flight.

How do I receive my Fit To Fly Certificate?

During this registration process you can select the fit to fly certificate option on the online form. The certificate will then be sent to you via email within 24 hours of receipt of sample to our partnered lab. In order for your certificate to be correct, please ensure the information used during the registration process matches the details on your passport.

Entering the UK

When will I receive my test?

You will receive your test on the day of you arrival in the UK, or the day after. We cannot send the tests earlier, so we can make sure they won’t be lost while you are potentially away.

When will I receive my Test To Release kit?

We will send your TTR on your Day 4, as we are not allowed to send it earlier. This is to ensure that no TTR will be taken before your Day 5.

Green List Countries

What is the Green List Countries?

Please see the updated list from the Governement website.

When should I order my Day 2 kit?

You must order your test before travelling to the UK. We recommand you to order your test kit at least 5 working days before entering the UK. You might receive your test kit with a delay otherwise.

Amber List Countries

What are the new requirements for testing after returning to England from an Amber List Country?

Everyone travelling to England from an Amber List Country must:

Anyone who is arriving in England who has visited or passed through a country on the red list in the 10 days before their arrival needs to follow the UK government’s guidance. Travel to the UK from a red list country is currently banned, although updates to this rule are expected from July 2021.

Please see further information on the government website. If you’re travelling to ScotlandWales or Northern Ireland, you’ll need to follow separate guidelines.

What is the Amber List Countries?

Please see the updated list from the Governement website.

Can I buy 2 separate tests instead of the Day 2&8 package ?

No, you have to buy the Day 2&8 kit only, as the 2 samples are linked with their Unique Reference Numbers (URN).

Red List Countries

What do I do if I’m travelling from a ‘red list’ country?

A red list country is a country where travel to the UK is banned, unless you are British, Irish, or a resident in UK. Anyone who is arriving in England who has visited or passed through a country on the red list in the 10 days before their arrival needs to follow the UK government’s guidance.