Day 2&8 | On-site, Unsupervised

This is the on-site, unsupervised version of our Day 2&8 Testing Kit. The collection and self-test is to be done unsupervised, in our offices in central London. If you are not able to visit our offices, please check our other option.

Price= £2.00

Instructions: Please see below the form to request a booking. You will then be contacted if there is an availability for the date and time you have requested. You will receive the instructions on how to book and and pay for your test. You will also receive your booking reference number once the order is placed.

Product Description: This it the UK Government Mandatory testing package for international travellers. Passengers arriving to the UK from “amber” list countries are required to take a day 2 & 8 Covid-19 Testing upon arrival.

This on-site self-swab testing kit includes:

  • 1x Booking reference number for the PLF
  • 1x Day 2 PCR Test kit
  • 1x Day 8 PCR Test kit
  • 2x Test result certificate by email

This test is to be carried out through a nasal/throat swab in our offices. Instructions on how to register and take the test will be provided, but the test will be taken unsupervised.

Test kits can only be purchased through the website.

Please use the form below

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